Our software was created for trading the S&P 500 E Mini contract and to Assist New Traders and Struggling Traders on a transformational journey to help them become more Successful on that journey.

    We use two charts, the Wild Bill 4 Chart and the Wild Bill 6 Chart which are Uncluttered fast reads designed to help eliminate Analysis Paralysis.  We use Proprietary Indicators on all Charts for Training and to Trade the S&P 500 E Mini contract. Experienced traders find our Charts Simply Refreshing. 

    The charts consist of Bars created by using a mean average of a combination of Proprietary Indicators that build out similar to candles and finish as a bar. Other Proprietary Indicators on the chart are an Oscillator tracking Price Momentum and our Dynamic Support/Resistance lines which change according to recent Price Action. The last Proprietary Indicator on the chart is basically a Short Term Momentum Oscillator Scaled to Price Action with a Filter Action working similar to a Variable Moving Average.

Below the chart are two Proprietary Indicators.  The first indicator is a very Smooth Oscillator that shows changes in Trend which we call Red / Blue.  The Second Indicator called the, “JIMMY LINE”, is an additional unique Proprietary Momentum Indicator.  These two charts with their indicators Clearly Show the Changes that occur during the trading day.

    Our Stand Alone Software /Charts work Smoothly with The NinjaTrader 7 and the NinjaTrader 8 Trading Platforms.

   Our Stand Alone Software / Charts are available only by Subscription which includes the Training Room and our One To One Mentoring Program plus Our Commitment to always Help Our Clients .