Our Team

The SSTS team was created to assist new traders and struggling traders on a transformational journey to help them become more successful at trading futures. We use Proprietary Indicators on all Charts for training and to trade the S&P 500 E Mini contract. Experienced traders find our Simple Charts refreshing. 
The Simply Simple Trading Systems (SSTS) team brings a wealth of experience in trading, experience in technology and experience in coding. 
The Wild Bill 4 & Wild Bill 6 charts are uncluttered fast reads designed to help eliminate Analysis Paralysis. 
With personalized training and unmatched support, plus one to one mentoring SSTS has a lot to offer the new or struggling trader. 
Our commitment will always be to help people.
We have a passion and a philosophy of caring about the customer as an individual…
We have a desire for our clients to be successful traders…
We simply hope to earn your trust and to have you continue your trading journey with the Simply Simple Trading Systems Team…

                     “Making Trading Great Again”
                      “ONE TRADER AT A TIME”