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At the start of our trading day the first thing we do is bring up our charts

to review what has happened since the charts were last up…

After reviewing the charts we want to see what has been happening overnight around the world… 

Next stop is the, “forexfactory”.  Here you will find the financial reports for all world markets

Including the US Markets. These overseas reports may indicate what may happen in our markets

as we trade. 


Next we look at, “Econoday”.  Her we find the schedule/reports for the US markets and also

the major speeches scheduled for the day/week…

Other Market Reports:

Showing how these reports may affect the markets, our next site shows what the markets are doing worldwide… Just click on the country/area you want to futher explore…
In recent times the oil markets have often been leading the markets… When oil goes up the markets go up…… When oil goes down the markets goes down… To check throughout the day go here:



NinjaTrader: The Simply Simple Trading System LLC  is constructed to operate on the

NinjaTrader 7 and 8 Platform.

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